Statutes of the Association Five loaves and two fish


The association’s name is “Five loaves and two fish”

The association is based in Aalborg.


The association aims to do voluntary social work in favor of families, the homeless, students and other people in a shorter or longer period does not have the money to support themselves with food and other things for the maintenance of everyday life. Our performance is not giving out money. This work will primarily take place in Aalborg and environs

The Association is non-profit and non-commercial and charitable.

The Association offers the following optional activities:

  • Delivery of food in a short or long period
  • Care Services
  • Advice and intercession


The voluntary association consists of a group of people who want to make a voluntary effort in favor of the specified target. The association is apolitical, and anyone who would like it, may be admitted as a member.


General Assembly is the supreme authority and consists of members of the association. The annual general meeting is held once a year by the end of April and convened by the Board.

The General Assembly shall be convened in writing, if necessary. by posting at least 3 weeks’ notice stating the agenda.

General Assembly agenda should contain at least the following points:

  1. Election of chairman
  2. The board’s report presented for debate and approval. The report describes the activities of the association during the past year. As a minimum, the report should include information on how that is adhered to the object defined, especially the initiatives the association has taken with regard to carrying out activities in accordance with purpose.
  3. The audited accounts are submitted for debate and approval.
  4. Determination of any subscription.
  5. Consideration of proposals.
  6. Election of auditor.
  7. Any other business.

Proposals to be considered at the general meeting shall be the chairman at hand no later than 14 days before the meeting. Finally, the agenda included the necessary annexes must be the general meeting no later than 7 days prior to the meeting’s settlement. An Extraordinary General Meeting may at any time be convened by the Board and shall be convened if one third of the members in writing requests.The Board of Directors approved the report and statement of accounts, if the association

The Board of Directors approved the report and statement of accounts, if the association have received any current financial support from Aalborg, is shall be sent to the municipality for information.


The Board is responsible for its operations and is Perpetual. The Board constitutes itself at the first general meeting.
The Board consists of at least three members.
The Board shall elect its own Chair, Vice President post and treasurer post.
The voluntary association is signed by the Chairman or, in his absence, the deputy chairman, treasurer.
The Board shall adopt by a simple majority changes or new developments in the association.


The association can have income from:membership fees á annual 100

  • membership fees á annual 100 kr.
  • profits from activities
  • donations from private individuals and companies

The entire board is responsible for grants and designated premises used in accordance with the guidelines set out by Aalborg Municipality. For the board is subject to Danish law concerning compensation. The Board of Directors are not personally liable for the association’s financial obligations.


The financial year follows the calendar year.
Elected each year at the general accountant.


The statutes can only be changed at an annual general meeting and only if 2/3 of the General Assembly members present vote in favor.

The association’s resolution also requires 2/3 majority at the general members present.

However, the association may be dissolved if the proposed resolution, after being rejected at a general meeting in accordance with the above shall be adopted by at least half of the audience members connecting at a new general meeting specially convened for the decision to dissolve the association.

If the association is dissolved, any unused funds from Aalborg shall be returned.