Marriage restored after 13 years of separation

Married 27 years ago and after 12 years of marriage separated for 13 years, after which God supernaturally restored marriage and family the 3th of June 2014.

My wife Mette M. Sternkopf and I, Søren H. Sternkopf were married February 11, 1989 in Odense (DK). We’ve got five children (Kim S. 27, David 26, Joy J. 23, Praise J. 20 and Samuel 17).

In the first 13 years of our marriage, we served God together in several Free Church communities, and we were eager to lead people to Jesus as their personal savior. We were constantly looking for a true community where Jesus was in the center. But in our search for a genuine community, we came astray and experienced some difficult years in various Christian communities. One of the communities we were part of, was similar to the Faith movement. After a few years in this community, God showed us that we were on the wrong track and we had to flee from the community. We left the apartment, family and friends, and fled to Jutland without leaving information about our residence.

We then found a refuge where we were allowed to stay some time and relax as a family. After a while, the fellowship offered us to be part of the staff at the refuge, and we accepted. After a few years, we saw that the place was influenced by religiosity and God showed us that we had to leave the fellowship. We then had no Christian fellowship to attend and be a part of, and we lived in an isolated place on the countryside.

The years of hardship were difficult for our family, and it was one of the reasons why my wife became very ill and depressed and had to be hospitalized. After some time she decided to move away from our family and we were separated after 12 years of marriage.

I was then alone with our five children, the youngest 1 year old and the oldest 12 years old.

Mette began to live in the world and lived with different men and was not following Jesus. I was living in Vejle, a small Danish town, with the children and we were a part off a fellowship there.

In the beginning of 2010, God spoke to Mette in a dream. In the dream she was walking down the road that ended up in a crossroad. God asked her if she would continue the road she was walking and end up in hell, or she could turn off and have a life together with him again. When Mette woke up in the morning, she was trembling off fear because off the dream. Mette knew that this was a warning from God that she should repent and come back to him again.

It took some time before Mette finally was so tired of living without God that she decided to repent and confess her sin to God. She then went through a deep repentance where God showed her the things she had to leave in her life at that time. She stopped her contact with the people who had led her to commit sin.

Mette then experienced that God restored her life and set her free from sin and problems she had struggled with for a long time. She experienced that the more she repented from and let go of the old life, the freer she became.

Then God spoke to her to start praying for the family. In the beginning she did it reluctantly, but the more often she prayed, the easier it was for her. She then asked God for some scriptures from the Bible that she could stand on and pray from. God gave her some passages in the Bible that she should pray through for the family and marriage. For the family, she received the scripture: Zephaniah 3: 14-20, where God promises to bring together the scattered and make whole what is broken.

For the marriage, she received the scripture, Mal. 2: 13-16, where God warns to separate from the youth love and be faithless, since God hates divorce.

Additionally Mette also prayed that I had to return to my first love.

During the time when she prayed for me and the children, I decided to move to Aalborg in December 2012 to study and take a master’s degree at Aalborg University. During the study, I experienced a greater loneliness that resulted in addiction to alcohol, nicotine and pornography on the Internet. I had some Christian friends that suggested me to find another partner, because of Mette’s unfaithfulness toward me. But I could not find one single place or evidence of that in the Bible. But eventually I gave up because of the solitude I decided to join a Christian summer camp, to find me a new partner.

Before I managed to get away at the summer camp, it occurred “unfortunate” that I crashed on my bike and broke my collarbone. My plan to go on summer camp was therefore interrupted and I had to stay home. During this summer, God spoke to me “to return to my first love.” I understood it at first that I had to return to my first love for Jesus. But after a while, it dawned on me that he thought that I should return my first love, to Mette, my wife. I decided to see what God had done in Mette’s life.

When Mette a few days later phoned Mette me to ask if she could come to our place and celebrate her birthday, I said yes, because God had spoken to me about going back to my first love. I had not had time to get another love yet. Mette visited me July 10, 2013, and I heard what God had done in her life.

After I heard what she had experienced, I realized that she had repented and God had transformed her life and blessed her. She was that Mette God had created for me and I realized that she had prayed for me and our children. We therefore agreed to work on moving back together. But before Mette went back to Vejle again, I put up some conditions that Mette had to work on before we could move back together. One of the conditions was to make sure to get rid of her debt.

Mette began working up to 70 hours a week, to meet these conditions and she became more and more distraught on how she should succeed to comply on the conditions.

Meanwhile, Joy, our middle daughter moved up to me in Aalborg, when I had finished my studies. But one day when I was out bicycling, God spoke to me again. He told me to set Mette free of the conditions I put up for her, because he had set me free. And I had to let her move in with us and then he would take care of everything else.

I knew that God had set me free of my debt in 2007 (around 1.2 million) before I started on my bachelor’s degree in Horsens. When God spoke to me about this, I realized that it was wrong to require that Mette had to pay her debt before we could move together.

When I got home, I called Mette and told her what God had told me, and I asked her to move to us in Aalborg as soon as possible. She was very happy and we agreed that she could move in with us the 3th of June 2014.

Since that day, God has restored our marriage healed our children and blessed us beyond what we can comprehend and understand.

After Mette and I moved in together, we decided to go through a fasting period of 40 days. We asked God to be the center of our marriage, based on His word and we asked him to show us the things in our lives we should stop doing. I was set free from alcohol, nicotine, addiction to pornography on the Internet, human fears and much more. Mette was set free of a spirit of control and fear.

Mette and I had over a period of time followed some teaching on the Web, to help believers to make disciples and follow Jesus. On the 16th of June 2014 we had a visit from a brother, to talk about the possibility for our family to open our home and host believers from various nations and help them to make disciples.

This was the beginning for our family to start making disciples and heal the sick, tell the gospel, baptize them in water and spirit. During the summer of 2014 we had a visit from different families and others from 7 different nations and we taught them to go out on the street and heal the sick. In September 2014 we were invited to visit a family in Singapore that had visited us in Denmark.

It’s amazing and inspiring what God is doing today, when we are willing to obey the living God.

How the vision of the association, five loaves and two fish became.

During our stay in Singapore in 2014 by the family who had invited us there, we were invited out to a friend of them. This friend, a woman, had started a service called “five loaves and two fish.”

She told us how her service began in Singapore.

She was very poor and had daily lot of pain in the body (arthritis). But one day she decided that she would go out and tell the gospel in her area. This area is a poor area in Singapore, where it is normal that a family of 10 people living in one room. That means, they are sleeping, eating and staying in the same room all the time. This space is not larger than 30 m2.

This woman began to go out of her area and tell the gospel. After a few days she got a bag of rice donated by someone she met on her trip. When she got this bag of rice, she thought it was too good for her to keep it to herself. Therefore, she decided to divide it in two bags and share it with others who had a greater need. She then got two bags of rice donated by someone she met on her way, and those she shared also out to others with greater need than herself. This continued to happen and today she shares many kilos of rice out (tons).

One day when she was down at the beach to tell the gospel, she experienced that there was a shoal of fish at a place on the beach. When she discovered this, she asked Jesus to keep the fish there until she could come back and catch them with a net. When she came back a little later, the fish was still there so she could take them up with the net. This miracle became known to more fishermen in the area. These fishermen put a box up at the port, which they filled with big fish for her to give out to the poor. This went on for three years, until it became too much for her. She got some helpers to divide the fish so they could get in the freezer.

Our friends that we visited are helping her to distribute food and tell the gospel and pray for the sick in the area.

This spoke very strongly to both of us during our stay in Singapore, and it was one of the first thing that God showed us in our vision.

Sometime later, Mette had a dream where we had a hard time, because we had just started to live by faith.

The first part of the dream:

She dreamed that she saw a basket, and God asked what she saw in the basket. And suddenly Mette saw five loaves and two fish in the basket. Then she heard a lot of noise by many people and she saw 12 large baskets as big as a man. The baskets were filled with fish and bread.

The second part of the dream:

She saw herself in the time with Elias visiting the widow with the two sons. Mette experience that Jesus visiting her and ask her what she has in the house. Suddenly Mette had a little bottle with oil in her hand. Then Jesus said to her that she should fill up the vessels with the oil. Then Mette begins pouring out the oil of the small bottle. And the oil continues to flow until she has filled all the vessels.

The third part of the dream:

Mette see my desk filled with stacks of bills. Jesus said to her that she must bless the economy, and then she sees stacks of money on the table.

Mette continues to dream these dreams all night. So when she wakes up in the morning, she is filled with faith and tells me about the dreams. She tells me that she is in no doubt that God will provide for us.

In the early summer of 2016 we had a visit by a young man whom we had been praying for. He wanted us to pray for him again because he had some problems. He then tells us that he was going with food for people who had a hard time financially. His service was called “food assistance Vest Mark”.

But he had been forced to shut it down for some time because he had been too busy with the work. On his Facebook page “food assistance Vest Mark” it says: “I was hungry and you gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was naked and you gave me clothes “.

When Mette and I heard this, it was as if God spoke to us again that we should begin to do the same here in Aalborg.

God have long talked to me about what it says in Matthew 25: 31-46. I think that we will be measured on whether we are doing this against the other. Are we willing to feed the hungry? Are we willing to serve others who are not able to give back?

This is the vision of the Association “five loaves and two fish.” We believe that God will bless and let this work bear fruit.