Give a helping hand

In our modern society nothing is free, it is unfortunately also true when it comes to helping others. When we drive to pick up the food we need petrol for the car. We also need to pay for the electricity we use to store food. We would not be able to continue our work if it were not for people like you who are willing to help us.

No matter how much you can help with, we are very grateful for your support. On behalf of us here at Five Loaves and Two Fishes and all the people who will be positively affected by the work we do, thanks.

When you click “Donate” you will be sent to PayPal, where you can either sign in with your PayPal account or use credit card.

PayPal / Credit Card

At the moment we are not able to receive donations from the English version of our website. If you wish to donate anyway, you have to use our danish website.

Bank Transfer

Bank: Nordjyske Bank
Address: Kastetvej 87, 9000 Aalborg 7459
Account No: 1270116

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